Zaloni Arena DataOps platform

Arena is the leading end-to-end data governance platform. Our software offers an augmented data catalog that connects multi-cloud sources, aplies active metadata, and optimizes the intelligence for analysts

Flexible connections that unify and apply deep metadata across environments



We help enterprises solve today's decentralized data challenges, quickly

Multi-cloud Data Connection

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Customer 360 Unification

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New Product Revenue

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Grow Value with Integrated Source

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Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance

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Next Generation Data Marketplace

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Only with Zaloni

Exceptional governance and provisioning set us apart

Control your full data journey: quality meets security - all with verifiable reporting
Automated discovery and transformation that informs each stage of the data lifecycle
From a data shopping experience to custom analytic sandboxes, we empower data scientists
From flexible connections across data sources to provisioning across an array analytics applications
Self-service UI and a Managed Service team work together to optimize IT and BI users’ productivity

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